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2 Ways to Fix JioFi.Local.Html Not Working – How to Login to JioFi Router

This article is a tutorial on how to fix jiofi router not working problem; more specifically learn how to fix jiofi.local.html not working problem.

JioFi routers have gained huge popularity these days. With the 508 Plan, you will get 2GB 4GB internet per day on JioFi, this is a pretty great deal considering the fact that JioFi internet is very fast. It’s currently giving a constant speed of 25MB/s+, my broadband gives me 1Mb+ with 1GB per day for a higher price and worth service.

However, for using JioFi router you will have to log into jiofi router an check the stuff like username, password, jiofi internet speed and all. While it’s pretty easy to login tojiofi router, it’s not always a Childs play.

Normally you would need to login to JioFi.Local.Html with the username and password which you will see on JioFi router box (If you don’t see it you can reset the password by clicking on the reset button for 15 seconds.) However, if you face any problem any problems while login into the MiFi router you have just landed on the right page. See here you will find two ways to fix JioFi.Local.Html not working issue. Jiofi.Local.Html is just the login IP of jiofi wireless routers, it’s also printed on the back of the box. You can see it there only also.

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How to Fix JioFi Wireless Router Not Working

Method 1: Reset the Device and use it like a brand new Router

In this first method we will be resetting the JioFi router and using it like a brand new wireless router, at first this option may seem not the best one but trust me it is. You should definitely try this method if you think that you JioFi router is not working Properly.

You can watch this video below to understand how to reset the JioFi Router, I have collected this video form the Internet (Basically it’s a YouTube Video). I hope you will understand everything clearly by watching the video below.

Text Version: How to Reset JioFi Router

  1. Turn on JioFi device and Hold it in your hands.
  2. Now put something like a pen or toothpick in the reset hole, you will feel like it’s pressing some button, keep it there for 15 seconds. When done you will see the signal colors will become red and then blink.
  3. Congratulation, you have now successfully reset your JioFi MiFi Router.

Method 2: Manually modify the JioFi router settings which were causing issues

In the first method what we did was to reset the router, What it did was it changed all the settings of your device. However, if you think carefully never all the settings cause the issue, it’s always about only a few individual settings which ware set to wrong, thus causing the problems. So in method two we will manually modify the settings.

For this, you will have to log in to your JioFi router admin dashboard at jiofi.local.html or at 192.168.i.i, use the username and password which you will find at the back of your router box.

jiofi admin dashboard

After you login you will see many tabs, they will be named like General, About and etc. Check each tab individually and modify the settings as your needs. This should fix your problems.

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