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How to Use JioFi Router (First time User Guide)

This article is a tutorial on how to use JioFi Router for the first time. If you are someone who just bought this router then you should read this article.

Jio took the Indian internet industry or to be specific the Indian telecom industry by storm. Nearly everybody owns a Jio SIM today, some even own an LYF Handset while only a small number of people also brought the jiofi router. Jiofi is the internet router sold by reliance jio, they laughed jiofi first and then they launched JioOptic fiber Broadband service (a 1000Mbps+ Internet broadband) which is going to give it’s competitors a heavy time for sure.

However, this article is about how to set up and use Jiofi router for the first time. You can also call this page the JioFi 101 Guide which will help any first time user to properly setup and use jiofi router. So without further ado let’s get started.

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How to Set Up JioFi Router for the First Time

There are many variants of JioFi router; most popular once being JioFi 2 and JioFi 3. However, I would like to tell you that this tutorial can be applied and followed for any JioFi router. So don’t worry no matter which JioFi MiFi router you use just read the following steps carefully and you should be able to get started as soon as possible.

Step 1: Getting Started

First, open JioFi router package and install the battery in it. Now put it on the charge, charge it for 15minutes before you start using it. While you can also use it at the same time while it’s put in charge but it’s really not recommended to do this. Don’t push your devices to the map while using them. You can do this but just don’t.

Step 2: Connect your Computer to JioFi Network

Now you need to connect your computer to the JioFi network, you will see the network name and password of it at the back of the JioFi router box.

jiofi box backside

Step 3: Login to your JioFi Device and Charge Necessary Settings

Now, go to JioFi router Admin dashboard at http://jiofi.local.html/ or 192.168.l.l. Use the password which is written at the back of JioFi router retail box. Yes, unlike other tech boxes it’s not totally useless.

After you login, you will see admin dashboard which will look something like this (See screenshot below).

jiofi admin dashboard

You have to navigate through this interface and change the password and network name, this will prevent unwanted people from accessing your wifi network.

This is it, now you have successfully changed the peccary settings for JioFi router, use it and enjoy it. Have an awesome day, Peace.

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