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JioFi router Is it Worth Buying – Experience after using it for 6 Months

Being a Tech Geek I spend a hell lot of my time reading (time wasting) on the internet, For using the internet we need a modem or router. Thus I bought a hell lot of them (I’m a geek what do you expect!), Currently, I can see 3 routers and 2 modems on another side of my desk while I’m writing this article.

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JioFi Router Review After 6 Months

Previously I used to use TP-Link router which I bought from Amazon for a pretty cheap price, but after Jio started selling their routers I switched to JioFi 3. The best thing which I liked the most about this tiny piece of tech is its form factor, It’s pretty small and you can carry it anywhere you go. I normally carry it on my bag’s water packet (I always forget to carry a water bottle!). In this way, I can turn it on or off whenever I needed.

jiofi box backside

Now if we talk about the performance of this JioFi, I own 2 Jio SIMs. I use one on my Phone and another on JioFi router. While this may be my hallucination or Maybe I’m biased to JioFi (I don’t use my android phone that much); I have noticed that Jio SIM works better in JioFi than on a Phone. Also if you are someone who only uses Jio SIM for the internet then I would suggest you buy this router and use your SIM instead of using it with your phone.

Update: Jio started giving 100% cashback on purchase of Jiofi device. So it’s the best time to buy one if you already don’t own a Jiofi.

I’m not a professional router or blogger; Just a geek. Let me know how good or bad I write. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts with me.

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