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After the recommendation of my friends, I purchased Jio WiFi device, I know its late, but later is better than never.
Just thought to share what I think about this device.

These are the merits of Jio Hot Spot: At one time Reliance Jio Fi can connect to WiFi device and a USB device. It has an OLED display that lets you see the network’s strength, power, WiFi status. By device, we can create WiFi hotspots on our own. This device has a battery of 2300 mAh which can run for up to 6 hours.

I purchased this device from Relience Digital, Lucknow and to get this device I  gave photocopies of passport size of my photo, my address proof, and my identity card (Adhar Card).

I am getting unlimited internet, HD Voice and SMS facility in this offer. Apart from this, applications for Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Music, Jio Drive, Jio Security and Jio Money will also be available.